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TERMINUS - Maciek Szymczuk
muzyka / music
Maciek Szymczuk
Nota wydawnicza / Release notes
"Incredible vision and producing skills - it is the right way to describe third apperance of Terminus at our label. Mixing around ideas from many electronic styles - from techno to ambient - makes this release an unique masterpiece. If you ask Terminus about most important individuals that inspired him at the beginning of his music life, he will mention Cristian Vogel at the first place. And the spirit of Brighton's genius appears along the whole EP. Also the idea of track titles (like Vogel's "In Absolute Time" i.e.) must be regarded obviously as a tribute to Terminus' mentor."
wciąż dostępna / still avaiable
(cały materiał można pobrać ze strony: / you can download full release from this site:)