1. Beautiful Suns mp3
2. Endless March (with Dead Factory)) mp3
3. Lost Universe mp3
4. Dark Waters mp3
TERMINUS - Maciek Szymczuk
muzyka / music
Maciek Szymczuk
Nota wydawnicza / Release notes
"It wasn't a long time since we released Terminus' "Four Beautises" EP. Having it in mind, the new work of this hard-working and never-sleeping artist titled "Four Beasts" must be considered as a continuation of EQQ023. All the distinctive features of Terminus' style are left on this ep, but mood evolved and this time we get something deeper from him. This is great piece of music and absolutely must-heard release for everyone."
wciąż dostępna / still avaiable
(cały materiał można pobrać ze strony: / you can download full release from this site:)